Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine for Bottles

Steam shrink tunnels specifically for the application of heat shrinkable sleeve labels and tamper evident bands. Steam shrink tunnels allow for highly uniform heat transfers which are superior when compared to hot air systems. Steam-based machinery provides high precision registration capabilities ,better shape forming and particularly well suited for full body shrink labels. This means that the sleeves will fit tighter and more evenly and the graphics and aesthetics will look better on the sleeves resulting in better shelf appeal

This steam operated tunnel is made up of heavy gauge stainless steel with dual wall construction.. It is delivered with removal hoods, a hinged lid and a drain tray with top opening access for cleaning of products.

Steam shrink tunnels are specially made to run on product lines in which quality and high-end graphics are favored. If your products require spot on registration, brilliant colors, perfect fonts and long term consistency, steam shrink tunnels are for you.

Key Features

No change parts requirement


VFD Control


Working Pressure
0.1 to 0.7 Mpa
Steam Consumption
Steam Temperature
171 Degree Centigrade

Materials Of Construction Steam Tunnel:

Main Body
S.S. 304
Steam Blow Nozzle
S.S. 304
Bottle Guide (Inside Tunnel)
S.S. 304
Intermediate Steam Tank
S.S. 304
Steam Transfer Pipes
S.S. 304 Corrugated
Fittings & Valves
S.S. 304

Technical Data Of Steam Tunnel:

Technical Data Rating / Details MAKE
Blower Qty. 1 No.
Blower Motor Capacity 0.25 HP 6ft long (SS Slate Chain Conveyor)
AC Frequency Drive 0.5 HP Delta / Mitsubishi Make


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