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Automatic Electric Heat Shrink Tunnel is used to shrink sleeve label on body of round plastic container. These machines work with variety of sleeve label made from PVC, PP, PETG and OPS films. Machine is made of SS 304 make Slat conveyor for feeding of the container. Speed of the Conveyor can be varied through provided speed port on the operating panel. Sleeve label has to be placed manually on plastic container and together they need to put on the conveyor. containers enter in tunnel which has sets of Pin heater which heat the air inside the tunnel and additionally, shrink tunnel contain two blower assembly. Blower is use to facilitate the forced convection type of heat transfer and due to that heated air get circulated inside the tunnel and which give uniform heated air around the travelling container inside the tunnel and thus, assure the label get shrink / sticked perfectly on body of container.


Chamber Size
3ft / 5ft / 8ft (Depend on Product)
Heater size
1 KW
Heater Qty.
4 to 6 Nos.
Blower Qty.
01 to 02 Nos.
Blower Motor Capacity
0.25 HP
Telemecanique / Schneider
Digital Temp. Controller
Machine Direction
Left to Right
Container Running Suitability
Plastic & Glass Bottle , Jar
Tunnel Temperature
Adjustable Up To 250°C Through Temperature Controller
Container Diameter
100 MM To 190 MM MAX.
Container Height (mm)
110 MM To 250 Mm MAXIMUM.

Material Of Construction:

Main Body
SS 304 / MS Powder Coated
Conveyor Chain
SS 304 / MS Powder Coated
Control Panel
SS 304 / MS Powder Coated

Applicable industries

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Pesticides
  • Chemical
  • food And Beverages
  • Liquor


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