Tomato Sauce Filling Machine-Automatic Piston Filler Machine

Semi-Automatic Sauce Volume Bottle Filling Machine is semi-automatic piston filling machine which can be used for tomato sauce, chili sauce & edible oil filling machine volume filling the application. It uses compressed air as power, which is composed of precision pneumatic components. The Tomato Sauce Filling machine has the features of simple structure, reliable and convenient adjustment. We specialize in deliver custom viscous filling machine that can be used to fill various products like pickle, sauce. We provide machines to fill viscous and semi viscous fluids in various types of containers. The machines are pneumatic piston type that is rational in design. Our machines are popular providing disturbance free heavy duty performance and available at the most affordable rates.


Containers have to place manually below under the nozzle. Filling Nozzle fill pre-set volume of liquid into the bottle. The hexagonal bolt dosing block allows using of different filling volume easily with minimum use of time.

Key Features

servo pcl icon

Servo PLC based Operation

no change parts

No change parts requirement

very less time

Very less down time for change over

Synchronization icon

One Touch Speed Synchronization


Filling Range***
250gm to 1000gm
400 to 600 per hour
Number of Head / Syringe
1 No.
Hopper Capacity
40 - 45 Kg
Filling System
Pneumatic Piston Filling
Material Used
Contact Parts SS 316, Non-contact Parts SS 304
Filling Accuracy
Power Consumption (Starrier Machine)
60W RotoQ

Utility Requirement

Electrical Supply
1 Phase + Neutral + Earthing
Air Pressure
6 bar

Salient Features

  • Compact model.
  • Very High Fill Accuracy.
  • Minimum Change Over time.
  • Minimum maintenance
  • The unit is made compact & versatile as per GMP norms.


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