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We are a leading Manufacturer of bottle capping machine, single head capping machine, four head bottle capping machine, automatic liquid pesticides filling, capping and labelling machine., pet bottle capping machine and ropp bottle capping machine In Ahmedabad, India. We are excited to present our leading Automatic Bottle Capping Machine, which will optimize your packaging procedure with unmatched accuracy and efficiency. This machine is the pinnacle of dependability, built with advanced technology that guarantees constant performance batch after batch. Whether you work in the food and beverage, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical industries, our capping machine may be customized to fit your unique requirements.

Investing in our Automatic Bottle Capping Machine gives your packing operations dependability, efficiency, and peace of mind. See the difference for yourself and use our Latest technology to increase your production capacities to unprecedented levels.

Automatic Single Head Screw Capping Machine Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in India

Automatic Screw Capping Machine is versatile, self-supported on stainless steel leg with height adjustable adjustment system. The machine is precision built on sturdy welded steel frame completely of different model Glass bottle capper, Liquid Packaging Line capper for bottles, capping machine for Edible Oil Filling Machine , engine oil bottle cap sealer, cap sealing machine for HDPE bottle, Beer Can capper, cooking oil bottle capper, plastic bottle capper, screw capper for oil bottle, Juice Bottle capping machine.Our machine's advanced sensors and easy to use controls enable easy operation, reducing downtime and increasing production. Because of its versatile design, it can easily switch between various bottle sizes and cap styles, giving it the ability to meet a range of production needs.

Our capping machine's strong mechanism, which is designed for ideal torque control, ensures that every bottle has a firm, leak-proof closure. You have complete control over the torque exerted thanks to the adjustable settings, which guarantee compatibility with a variety of bottle and cap materials. Because safety is of the utmost importance, our machine is equipped with numerous safety mechanisms that shield both users and goods. Everything is painstakingly designed to meet the highest standards, from protected protection for worker safety to automatic stop devices to prevent clogs

Specification of Automatic Bottle Capping Machine

Specifications for an automatic bottle capping machine may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. However, here are some common specifications you might find

Specification Description
Capacity 500-2000 bottles per hour
Bottle Size Range Diameter: 20mm -100mm<br>Height: 50mm - 300mm
Cap Type Compatibility Screw caps, snap caps, press-on caps
Torque Control Adjustable torque control for precise sealing
Material Compatibility Glass, plastic, PET, HDPE
Adjustability Quick changeover between bottle sizes and cap types
Control System PLC with touchscreen interface
Safety Features Emergency stop button, guarding, sensors
Construction Materials Stainless steel
Power Requirements 220V, 50Hz, Single Phase
Dimensions 1200mm (L) x 800mm (W) x 1500mm (H)
Weight 300 kg
Optional Features Cap sorting system, automatic cap feeding, vision inspection system

Cap Sealing Machine Manufacturer

Boss Packaging Solutions was founded in 2008 and is a well-known manufacturer of a wide range of Automatic Cap Sealing Machine, including bottle capping machines,Round Bottle Sticker Labelling machines, and liquid filling machines. The oil, automotive, food product, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries have high demand for our goods because of their durable design, extended lifespan, functional fluency, reliable performance, resistance to corrosion, and effective functioning. Furthermore, we are well known for our well curated assortment and personalized packaging.

We have an amazing infrastructural facility with a variety of equipment and machines that are powered by the newest and most advanced technologies. These devices not only make production easier for us, but they also offer excellent assistance with storing the entire series in the right way. Additionally, our experts guarantee that every client need is met on schedule and in accordance with their requests. Thanks to the consistent efforts and unwavering resolve of our staff, we are building a substantial clientele in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Types of Capping Machines & Uses

Sr. Number

Various Capping Machines

Application Industry


4 Head P&P Capping Machine

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Toiletries, Chemical


8 Head P&P Capping Machine

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Toiletries


12 Head P&P Capping Machine

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Toiletries, Chemical


16 Head P&P Capping Machine

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Toiletries, Chemical


4 Head Screw Capping Machine

Toiletries, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic


4 Head ROPP Capping Machine

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Chemical


8 Head ROPP Capping Machine

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Chemical


8 Head Plugging & 8 Head ROPP Capping Machine



8 Head Vial Cap Sealing Machine

Pharma Industry


12 Head Vial Cap Sealing Machine

Pharmaceutical Industry


8 Head Cap Pressing Machine

Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Toiletries, Chemical


Automatic Cup Placement Machine

Cosmetic, Toiletries, Pharmaceutical, Chemical


Single Head Capping Machine

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Toiletries, Chemical

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