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Automatic Vertical Air Jet Cleaning Machine work on positive air pressure & vacuum cleaning. The unit is made compact, versatile and enclosed in stainless steel elegantly matt finish body, consists of S.S. Slat Conveyor & Reciprocating cleaning nozzles. No container No cleaning system arrangement is standard features of the machine. The main drive of the machine and conveyor drive consist of A.C. Motor with synchronized variable A.C. Frequency Drive.


Automatic Vertical Air Jet Cleaning Machine can accomplish a task by a photoelectric system, all the bottle should be cleaned before being filled, when an empty bottle arrives at the specified position, a cleaner comes down automatically until at the mouth of the bottle, then pure air is pressed into the bottle, and the impurity inside of the bottle is removed by vacuum system. This product conforms to the requirements of GMP completely

Key Features

bottle air jet cleaning machine manufacturer

GMP Model

automatic bottle capping machine


accurate labelling machine

MOC-SS304 Color Touch Screen for Easy Access

capping machine

Support Multiple Shape of bottles

liquid filling machine

of bottles Very less down time for change over


1000 to 4800 bottles
No. of Cleaning Nozzles
Direction of Machine**
Left to right
Electrical Specification**
0.5 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz. 0.5 HP x 2 = 2 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz.
Cleaning Cycle
Positive air pressure and vacuum cleaning
Working Height
850 to 900 mm

Utility Requirement

Electrical Supply
3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing
Air Pressure: Minimum
400 Ltrs / Hr / Cycle / Pressure 2.5 Kg @ 20 CFM

Salient Features

    • Positive air pressure and vacuum cleaning.
    • Easy operation.
    • Adjustable & diving type cleaning nozzles.
    • Automatic loading and unloading of container.
    • Individual control for air pressure and vacuum cleaning.
    • Higher capacity blower to clean properly.
    • S.S. pressure meter.


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